Being in a fandom outside The US and The UK

Being in a fandom outside The US and The UK

 7 problems of being a fan in the lands of far far away

Dear fandom members  around the world, except for the US
and the UK (BTW we envy you). I hear you pain as I’m for sure one of you and suffers daily for
being able to see the stars but never touch them. People always tell me how great to live in Egypt with all
the?pyramids and history. Can’t you see that I’m missing the real fun
See, how I can be a true fan when I’m missing all the small wonderful
things like…

1. Accidentally meeting your favorite celebrity in the supermarket:

See with all
the times I have gone shopping for my mum, I did not even come close to this
sort of happiness.
Wait, I have
meet Sana’ Shafa’ buying his bread, does this count?!

2. Not being able to go to COMIC CON:

People have dreams of traveling the world or saving up for a house
but my craziest dream is 


Comic Con. I keep saving up until I realized it’s not
coming to me; I have to go there. GOD! It means 
more money to save.

Okay, you can go to the one in Dubai but
without all of the stars of your dreams, not all but some. Think of all the cool people who will be there dressed up as superheroes *I keep on telling myself so as a calming down method but it never works*

3.Waiting in the line for your favorite book:

Specially for Harry Potter fans the book
release day was party all the night long aka waiting in the bookstore for the
 with your fellow fans to get your
favorite book before ever one else.
awesomeness of being Potterhead cool.

4. Missing the yearly BookExpo America:

You can’t be a true book lover unless you
have heard of the biggest book even of the year; it’s like The Olympic Games
but with books, authors whom you can join for lunch, fellow book 
nerds and many
events. Did I mention free books?
But Oh dear, you will be missing this and all of this. God! Look at this Harper Collins sign
**  Screaming internally **…

5.Movie premieres in Action:

Movie premieres and the glamour of the red carpet *sigh*

Indeed all the Movie premieres we will get is the ones in Galaxy City Stars. So next time going to IMax better feel like a super star cause actually this is the best we can get.

6.Live Music:

If you are not living in Dubai or so rich
that you can afford going to where the music is made 
then you better enjoy Sound-cloud in silence because you are going to miss the crowed and light and basically all of this below .
P.S. Remember that marriage proposal during Sky Fall
of Stars within a Cold play concert. That’s not going to be you.   

7. When MTV can make your wildest dream come true:


Indeed, it speaks for itself while the rest of us can cry in peace.

So, those are the problems I can think about for now. I would love to hear or better say read your problems of being into fandom but in the land of far far
away from your fandom(s).

See you later

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